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There has never been a better time
to start a business than now.

With a laptop and an internet connection you can turn your ideas into reality, build a wildly successful business and do what you LOVE.

This book will show you how.

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Business Pro's Tell All Bonus

Worth over $2000!

When you order She Means Business you'll get access to this incredible bundle of products from 25 world-class experts, worth over $2000! Inside this bonus you'll find video trainings, meditations, workbooks and so much more. From overcoming your money blocks, to marketing automation strategies and lessons on how to build your business using Facebook groups! You'll find so much goodness inside!

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Gabby Bernstein

You’ll get Gabby’s 'Happiness is a Choice I Make' meditation! Relax & enjoy this! Gabby is a #1 New York Times Bestselling author and helps people to stay committed to their spiritual practice and live their purpose.

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Jill Stanton

Get access to Jill’s incredible training & learn how to grow your business using Facebook groups! Discover how to engage your community, how to grow and promote it and so much more! Jill is the co-founder of Screw the Nine to Five where they teach unsatisfied webpreneurs how to take their business to the next level.

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Denise Duffield-Thomas

Get access to three videos from Lucky Bitch Live and learn how to sell yourself with class, integrity & style. Denise is the money mindset mentor for the new wave of online female entrepreneurs.

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Bushra Azhar

Access Bushra’s Persuasive Blogging Masterclass: How to Research, Outline, and Create Your Viral-Worthy Blog Post in Under 45 Minutes. Bushra is a Persuasion Strategist and Founder of The Persuasion Revolution.

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Jamie DuBose

Get access to Jamie’s, “Sneaky Little Marketing Tricks to Boost Your Marketing Automation”. Jamie is the CEO of She helps profitable entrepreneurs make strategic marketing decisions that consistently improve their business & increase their revenue.

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Laura Roeder

Get one month free of the amazing social media automation tool, Edgar! This alone is worth $79! This tool will help you to schedule your social media posts! We use it and love it!

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You’ll also get access to products from: Nikki Elledge Brown, Rebecca Campbell, Michelle Rohr, Amber McCue, Niyc Pigeon, Natasha Vorompiova, Lacy Boggs, Emily Williams, Cailen Ascher, Courtney Johnston, Racheal Cook, Sarah Kaler, Jenn Scalia, Jess Nazaralli, Michelle Warner, Anne Samoilov, Gemma Went, Jenny Fenig and Amanda Daley!


She Means Business Course

Worth $97!

We’ve created this online course to help you create so much more success and abundance in your life. Inside you’ll find a 28-Day She Means Business Challenge, which will help you to get super focused on what you want to achieve and will help you to take big steps towards creating more success in your business. You’ll find videos, workbooks and you'll also be able to join the amazing She Means Business Online Community, where you can connect with thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs!

This course will officially be starting on the 1st March! So you can join us live :-)

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Get inspired & fired up to create the success you want.

There has never been a better time to start a business than now. With a laptop and an Internet connection you can turn your ideas into reality, build a wildly successful business and do what you LOVE.

More and more women are waking up to this realization, however so many set off on their journey and quickly feel out of their depth, overwhelmed, confused and like they’re crazy for even thinking they could do it.

But you can do it. We can all do it, because success is not an accident. It’s something we have to create on purpose and in this book I’m going to show you how you can make it happen.

This book will teach you:

  »  How to move out of your own way and show up for your dreams
  »  A 5-step framework for getting your business out there, build the audience of your dreams and creating massive success.
  »  Exercises and ideas for keeping on going… even when things feel hopeless.

But most importantly, this book will leave you feeling inspired, fired up and excited for all of the opportunities and possibilities.

You are being called to show up for your dreams, to step up and shine like never before, to create the life you’re meant to live.

So, answer back. You've got this.

This isn't just a book.

This is a movement of female entrepreneurs.

Come & Join us.

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